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If you want more sales from your Instagram ads, you need ad copy and imagery that converts. Gone are the days of writing one set of ad copy and just auto publishing across multiple platforms.

Instagram Ad Placements Need Dedicated Copy

While Instagram is a platform that primarily relies on visuals, getting the copy right is just as important as choosing the image or video.

One of the major differences between Instagram and Facebook is that links are not clickable in the ad copy on Instagram, so including links in the copy both wastes spaces and creates frustration for users. To avoid this, keep your links in the clickable CTA button and direct users there.

You also need to consider different copy for the placements within Instagram. Story ads are in a vertical format and are displayed for up to 15 seconds, so you only have moments to grab the user’s attention without long copy. Often, if you rely on your Facebook copy to generate these ads it displays incorrectly.

For successful story ads, stick with short, attention grabbing copy paired with a captivating image and direct CTA to capture the audience’s attention before they click through to the next story.

Selling with Instagram Ads

If your primary goal is sales, there are some specific ways that you can make the most effective ads possible.

Here are some tips on how to write ads that are designed specifically to sell products or services on Instagram:

  1. Clearly tell the audience what the next step is so they can quickly and easily move forward and take the action that you want.
  2. Avoid using unfamiliar sales jargon or technical terms, Instagram is a relaxed platform, and your ad copy should suit that!
  3. Use the first two lines to encourage people to tap “more…” Something like “Can you spare just one minute? One minute is all it takes to attract…”
  4. Convey urgency. Using words like “limited release” or “ending soon” can give users a reason to click through in the moment. Pro tip: retarget your warmest audiences to bring back people already familiar with your brand who never completed the purchase.
  5. Use an incentive. Discounts work! Discounts and promotions are a great way to get new customers in the door and to incentivize those who are still on the fence. Combine this with scarcity and you have winning ad copy!

Next time you are running Facebook ads that are pushing to Instagram, take time to check which platform they served and converted more on. Make sure to preview how the ads are displaying in each different placement as well to ensure the best user experience!

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